Tricks You can Try for Better Air Quality

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So we Californians have been trying our best to lead the charts for becoming one of the least polluted states in the US. We are currently ranked as the 6th least polluted state in the US. We’ve been switching to more energy and emissions efficient vehicles and purchasing more energy-saving appliances and environmentally friendly cleaning products, for our homes and businesses, to aid in our attempt to a cleaner environment. Not everyone can go out and purchase new vehicles and appliances, however, here are a few tips and tricks to help you focus on better air quality in your home.

Cleaning Methods

1. Clean the air ducts and filters throughout your home, regularly. Most filters require cleaning at least every 30 to 90 days. Try your best to never miss a scheduled time to replace your filters. Cleaning your air and dryer ducts in your home regularly will also allow for you to have clean air circulating throughout your home regularly.

2. Check your AC and heating systems. Schedule regular maintenance of your AC and heating systems to ensure that they are working at its optimal performance. It is usually recommended that this should be done every time the season changes. For instance, check your heating system at the end of Fall to the beginning of your Winter, and your AC system at the end of Spring to the beginning of Summer.

3. On good weather days, open your windows. Whether through the months of Summer, Spring, Fall and sometimes Winter (in those good months- you know those good months), open the windows to your home. This will allow for you to have clean air circulating throughout your home. If you have screened protection on your doors, you can open those as well. The more natural air the better.

4. Have a green thumb? Try indoor plants. Plants that can thrive indoor can help you with creating clean air within your home. Plants such as ferns, palms, and succulents can help create clean oxygenated air within your home while removing carbon monoxide from your home.

5. Use air purifiers. I would highly recommend using air purifiers throughout your home. Air purifiers are especially helpful if you suffer from lung sickness or severe allergies. I believe everyone should have a air purifier for the main spaces in their home (no more so than ever since the birth of COVID-19). Areas in your home where you spend of your time, such as the living/family room and bedrooms, will benefit from having an air purifier. Have furry pets? Oh yes, an air purifier is a must!!!!

6. Change your cleaning products. We are now in the times, where more products are made chemical free. Choosing nontoxic cleaning products can help with keeping your home clean while minimizing the pollutants in the air at home. Think those products are too contaminating and expensive? Try some homemade hacks and make your own (thank God for Pinterest and YouTube)


These are just a few options for keeping your home quality air clean, as possible. Which one of these are you already practicing? Which ones would you try? Comment and let us know!

And if anyone trying any of the homemade cleaning product hacks wish to share which ones worked best for them, please comment which ones they are as well. We would love to hear from you!

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