About Our Scholarship

As our business grows we seek to commit more to serving the people of this great nation by providing “second chance” scholarships to those that meet our criteria. Public Relations are important to us. There are many scholarships out there and many are out of reach for those that may have not fit into the box of privilege’s awarded to those that did. We know however that that is not a strike against such people. Everyone is an individual and some people need a helping hand. That’s what we’re here to do by providing one lucky student a $2000 scholarship to their University of choice. Read on for more on this great opportunity.

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National Scholarship Provider Association

A&J Duct Cleaning has formed a non-profit exclusively to partner with the NSPA and therefore provide the most potential University students with this scholarship reward opportunity. Let’s have a look at the NSPA mission statement:

The mission of the National Scholarship Providers Association is to advance the collective impact of scholarship providers and the scholarships they award. We are dedicated to supporting the needs of professionals administering scholarships in colleges and universities, non-profits, foundations, and businesses. Membership in the NSPA provides access to networking opportunities, professional development, and scholarship program resources.

We are proud NSPA members and work with The College Boards Big Futures program. Honored by this chance to carry the torch into the future we seek to reward one lucky but deserving student! The light of education must go forth as todays students are tomorrows world leaders. As the saying goes “Each one reach one, each one teach one,” and we’re reaching out for you! Read on to apply.

Scholarship Award Details

We are awarding one winner annually $2000 and we’ll pay this out directly to your University or College of choice on your behalf. Trade schools are applicable if scholarships are accepted. What do you have to do? It’s simple. Write us a 1000 word essay on why you think you should be awarded the tuition money. Let us know about your life and past; about how you might have fell short in the past and are trying to pick yourself up. We love the underdogs around here and will love to be there for you if you need to talk even. Just reach out and don’t be shy; otherwise, follow the instructions to apply for your chance to win today!

Criteria for Scholarship Award

• Must have below a 3.0 High School GPA
• It’s OK if you didn’t even finish High School
• Must be over 25 years old
• Must be a Citizen of the United States
• Must be able to provide a digital copy of your 1000 word essay
• Topic is about why you think you deserve it

Scholarship Provider and Submission Details

Your scholarship is provided by Annette Mathis owner of A&J Duct Cleaning. Please send your digital essay copy to ajductcleaning@yahoo.com as an attachment and be sure to include in the email your full name, age, best phone number, and all other relevant criteria proof you can come up with.

How We Will Determine a Winner and Pay Out

We will be reading all of the submissions and we’re looking for authenticity and honesty. Remember we’re not concerned by your past mistakes; only that you are truly trying to do something about it all, and that’s what you will want to be sure to best convey in your essay. Once we pick our favorite essay, we will reach out to you directly and determine the details regarding your University of choice. We will then coordinate with you to make sure the payment goes directly to the University Division of Financial Aid and that’s it!

We Wish You The Best of Luck …