About Our Scholarship

As our business A&J Duct Cleaning grows we seek to commit more to serving the people of this great nation by providing “second chance” scholarships to those that meet our criteria. Public Relations are important to us. There are many scholarships out there and many are out of reach for those that may have not fit into the box of privilege’s awarded to those that did. We know, however, that that is not a strike against such people. Everyone is an individual and some people need a helping hand. That’s what we’re here to do by providing one lucky student a $2000 scholarship to their University of choice. Read on for more on this great opportunity.

Scholarship Award Details

We are awarding one winner annually $2000 and we’ll pay this out directly to your University or College of choice on your behalf. Trade schools are applicable if scholarships are accepted. What do you have to do? It’s simple. Write us a 1500+ word essay on why you think you should be awarded the tuition money. Let us know about your life and past; about how you might have fell short in the past and are trying to pick yourself up. We love the underdogs around here and will love to be there for you if you need to talk even. Just reach out and don’t be shy; otherwise, follow the instructions to apply today for your chance to win!

Eligibility Criteria and Instructions for Scholarship Award Applicants

• Age 21+
• GPA 3.0 or less, but not more! (If applicable)
• GED Score can be anything (If applicable)
• SAT score has to be below 1100, ACT below 22 (If applicable)
• GED or Highschool Diploma Required (Please contact us if you have reason for not having this yet)
• Must be a Citizen of the United States
• Must be able to provide a digital copy of a 1500+ word essay
• Must Demonstrate financial need (document proof, or write about it in the ‘Anything Else?’ section)
• Must have some sort of difficult challenge in your life that you can tell us about in your essay


• Essay Topic: 1500+ words on why you think you should win. (this essay is private and will never be published without consent)
• Just tell us your story, about your challenges, and about your dreams; as well as, about why you should win
• We’re looking for honesty, authenticity, and courage; being willing to communicate an understanding of accountability
• Please send us a Word Document or PDF
• Scroll below to Scholarship Application

Scholarship Application Submission Time

Below are the application start and close dates.
Application Start Date: 07/15/ of every year
Application Close Date: 06/15/ of the following year

How We Will Determine a Winner and Pay Out

We will be reading all of the submissions and we’re really looking for authenticity and honesty. Remember we’re not concerned by your past mistakes; only that you are truly trying to do something about it all, and that’s what you will want to be sure to best convey in your essay. Once we pick our favorite essay, we will reach out to you directly and determine the details regarding your University of choice. We will then coordinate with you to make sure the payment goes directly to the University Division of Financial Aid and that’s it!

Scholarship Provider Contact Details

Your scholarship is provided by Mark and Monica Hernandez, and Annette Mathis owners of A&J Duct Cleaning, and is awarded by their new nonprofit A&J Second Chances. Your scholarship application is below, but please send us any questions you may have to admin@ajductcleaning.com with your full name, age, best phone number, and we will get back to you ASAP. Or you can feel free to give us a call at: (323) 787-0788

A&J Duct Cleaning Scholarship Application Form

Please see below to find the application for our scholarship opportunity.

We Wish You The Best of Luck …