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Angelica Chacana
Very professional and quick to respond. I appreciate their workmanship and honesty.
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Andres Hernandez
Great service!! We have used them in many of our properties. Always on time and good work
Mac Padilla
Mac Padilla
I am a manger for a 3 story townhome/condo building in Pasadena and the HOA hired A&J Duct cleaning to clean their rooftop gutters and downspouts. Unfortunately for A&J, the property's restrictive water supple caused some issues and prevented the crew from cleaning and they had to stop and return on multiple days. The crew did not let this frustrate them when I would have understood it if it had and they remained professional during each of the 3 trips they had to make to the property. They communicated very effectively which is always a plus especially when issues arise. I highly recommend and trust A&J Duct to complete any of the services they provide. I have included some photos of the work they did on the gutters.
Tom Burpee
Tom Burpee
I have worked with A & J fro many years. I have always been happy with the service they provide and would recommend them. There service is both friendly and efficient.

Trash Chute Cleaning in Los Angeles, CA

Trash chutes are a godsend for commercial buildings like hospitals or residential buildings like apartments. That is because they are a simple and convenient way for everyone on each floor to get their garbage to a centralized location where it can be hauled away. The main downside to garbage chutes is that they can get dirty very quickly, which is understandable since trash is being tossed into them all the time. A dirty trash chute can cause many problems for the people in the building, such as foul odors and bacteria proliferation.

Fortunately, the building’s occupants don’t have to suffer because trash chute cleaning services are available to take care of the problem. They can clean up trash chutes to make the building a more sanitary place to stay. Ideally, trash chute cleaning services should be used as a preventative measure to clean the chute before it causes problems. However, they should also be able to clean the chute if there is an emergency or a cleaning is long overdue. At A&J Duct Cleaning, we offer our high-quality, highly efficient trash chute cleaning services to all commercial buildings in Miami. Whether the cleaning is part of your regular maintenance or you need an emergency cleaning ASAP, you can count on us to do the job quickly and efficiently.

At A&J Duct Cleaning, we know how important the trash chute is to your building’s occupants. We ensure to do a great job fast so that the trash chute doesn’t become a health and safety hazard and that the occupants of the building can resume using the trash chute.

Photo of Trash Chute

A waste disposal container is installed on the floor of a multi-story building on the grey background. Cleaning and maintenance concept trash and linen and chute systems. Copy space.

Why You Need to Clean Your Trash Chute

Trash chutes are a great convenience in commercial and residential buildings, but they can also be hazardous if not cleaned regularly. The following are some of the problems caused by dirty trash chutes.

Foul Odors

When enough grit and grime build up on the walls of the chute, they can create an unpleasant odor that wafts into the floors where people are located. This can be extremely discomfiting because there is nothing that they can do to alleviate the stench. Only a professional trash chute cleaning service can do that for them.

Pathogen Build-up

Dirty trash chutes are breeding grounds for bacteria and viruses like E. coli and salmonella, which can be dangerous and life-threatening to people. So, if a trash cute isn’t cleaned regularly, it could become a serious health hazard.

Fire Hazard

A filthy trash chute might get backed up because the build-up of dirt in the chute prevents garbage from sliding down to the bottom. This could create a fire hazard if the doors of the chute on various floors cannot close completely. The reason is that the flames from a potential fire on one floor could travel up the chute to ignite another floor if the doors on the chute cannot close properly. Furthermore, the grime in a dirty garbage chute could be flammable, spreading the fire even more.

Reduced Durability

The accumulation of grime and bacteria could reduce the effectiveness of the garbage chute, reducing its durability and efficiency. That could cause trash to get stuck in the chute, causing a backup and negating the convenience of a trash chute in the first place.

How to clean a garbage chute

A trash chute cleaning service like A&J Duct Cleaning uses pressure washing to clean the garbage chute. The reason is that pressure washing is the quickest and most-efficient way to clean a garbage chute. As the name suggests, a pressure washer uses water discharged from a machine at extremely high pressure; that pressure can be from 750 psi to 3000 psi and higher. The high pressure creates a highly effective cleaning method. It should be noted that pressure washing is slightly different from power washing. With power washing, the water is discharged at high pressure and a high temperature.

The high water pressure can remove stubborn stuck-on materials from most surfaces, including the inner walls of a garbage chute. Pressure washing is a great method of cleaning trash chutes because it is easy for the high-pressure water to reach the hard-to-reach places in a garbage chute. Since the trash chute is a long tube that runs along the inside of a building, it can be difficult, if not impossible, to clean using traditional methods, but a pressure washer will be able to clean the inner surface of the chute easily. That is because the person using the cleaner just has to stick the nozzle into the chute and let the high-pressure water do the rest.