How A & J is dealing with Corona Virus concerns

Here at A & J we want to make sure you feel comfortable having us in your home or business. Therefore all jobs we do will now be done with our techs

wearing masks and gloves the entire time they are working.

In addition we will also be offering to hand wipe all accessible

areas of the air duct systems with an anti microbial cleaning solution.

Why clean your HVAC (Heating, Ventilation, Air Conditioning) Systems:

Today the average American spends about 20 hours a day indoors - either at home or at work. This is why indoor air quality is so important. The cleaning of the HVAC system can help to eliminate airborne pollutants that can cause illness and aggravated allergies. In addition to the health factors, accumulated debris in your system can make it work harder to properly heat or cool your office or home.