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Tricks you can try for better air quality

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So we Californians have been trying our best to lead the charts for becoming one of the least polluted states in the US. We are currently ranked as the 6th least polluted state in the US. We've been switching to more energy and emissions efficient vehicles and purchasing more energy-saving appliances and environmental friendly cleaning products, for our homes and businesses, to aid in our attempt to a cleaner environment. Not everyone can go out and purchase new vehicles and appliances, however, here are a few tips and tricks to help you focus on better air quality in your home:


1. Clean the air ducts and filters throughout your home, regularly. Most filters require cleaning at least every 30 to 90 days. Try your best to never miss a scheduled time to replace your filters. Cleaning your air and dryer ducts in your home regularly will also allow for you to have clean air circulating throughout your home regularly.


2. Check your AC and heating systems. Schedule regular maintenance of your AC and heating systems to ensure that they are working at its optimal performance. It is usually recommended that this should be done every time the season changes. For instance, check your heating system at the end of Fall to the beginning of your Winter, and your AC system at the end of Spring to the beginning of Summer.


3. On good weather days, open your windows. Whether through the months of Summer, Spring, Fall and sometimes Winter (in those good months- you know those good months), open the windows to your home. This will allow for you to have clean air circulating throughout your home. If you have screened protection on your doors, you can open those as well. The more natural air the better.


4. Have a green thumb? Try indoor plants. Plants that can thrive indoor can help you with creating clean air within your home. Plants such as ferns, palms, and succulents can help create clean oxygenated air within your home while removing carbon monoxide from your home.


5. Use air purifiers. I would highly recommend using air purifiers throughout your home. Air purifiers are especially helpful if you suffer from lung sickness or severe allergies. I believe everyone should have a air purifier for the main spaces in their home (no more so than ever since the birth of COVID-19). Areas in your home where you spend of your time, such as the living/family room and bedrooms, will benefit from having an air purifier. Have furry pets? Oh yes, an air purifier is a must!!!!


6. Change your cleaning products. We are now in the times, where more products are made chemical free. Choosing nontoxic cleaning products can help with keeping your home clean while minimizing the pollutants in the air at home. Think those products are too contaminating and expensive? Try some homemade hacks and make your own (thank God for Pinterest and YouTube)


These are just a few options for keeping your home quality air clean, as possible. Which one of these are you already practicing? Which ones would you try? Comment and let us know!


And if anyone trying any of the homemade cleaning product hacks wish to share which ones worked best for them, please comment which ones they are as well. We would love to hear from you!

Fireplace Air Quality

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We all know that we are in couple up season, and this is the time of year where a bottle wine, blanket and a good movie, or book, will be enjoyed in front of a well lit fireplace. Or in the case of a bad storm, the fireplace may be the only source of light and warmth, during a power outage. Do you ever wonder what your air quality is like while you're in front of a wood burning fireplace?

While it looks romantic and sets a mood, best portrayed in the movies; there are some health and air quality risks to operating a wood burning fireplace in your home.

For the most part, wood burning fireplaces are seen as traditional to the new aged electric version and while some may like the aesthetic look of the electric fireplace, most people like the nostalgia of having a wood burning fireplace. The sound of the wood crackling under the heat, the warmth that the fireplace may bring, the natural ambiance it sets and the sweet smell of the burning wood of your choice can not be replaced by an electric fireplace. So the question remains, what are you really inhaling while you enjoy your traditional fireplace on a cold winter's night?

We all know that when wood burns, it emits smoke (you know, the smoke you see trailing out of chimneys in those winter movie classics). According to the" target="_blank">Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), if wood is not burned completely, small particulates are left in the air which can produce particulate matter with pollutants such as carbon monoxide, benzene, formaldehyde, acrolein, and polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons just to name a few.

Because of this, we can realize that extended use of a wood burning fireplace can have a negative effect on your health; in particular your lungs. When you use your wood burning fireplace for an extended period of time, it can cause effects such as wheezing, coughing, asthma attacks, coughing, heart attack and can cause additional symptoms that can irritate the eye, nose and throat.

While most may not have a serious reaction to a wood burning fireplace, some people may want to stay away from them. They include:


  • Anyone who suffers from asthma;
  • Anyone who may have a heart condition or may have had a heart attack in the past;
  • Anyone who may have been diagnosed with lung cancer, emphysema or any lung related illnesses;
  • Anyone who may have severe allergies


If you suffer from any one of the conditions above, in an effort to protect their health and in an attempt to balance their nostalgia of a lit fireplace, an electric fireplace will be the best option for you.

Time to get that duct cleaning done

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With everything opening back up this month of June many business and home owners are getting ready to get cleaning and sanitizing done to get back to business as usual. Such as cleaning carpets and flooring, cleaning air ducts and dryer ducts, and getting those gutter systems cleaned out.

To have your air ducts cleaned and sanitized would be a good idea to prevent the spread of existing germs before opening your business or your home to visitors and clients again.

Here at A & J Duct Cleaning we have such cleaning professionals ready to come out to your place of business ASAP to ensure that you are clean and ready to go on that opening day!

We have offices in the Northern and Southern California areas ready to get the job done!

For Los Angeles and surrounding areas call 323-787-0788 or 323-282-0537 or for San Francisco and surrounding areas call 707-655-0200 or email [email protected] for either office.

Let’s get things ready for your today!

A&J Duct Cleaning promise

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When you are in need of a good quality duct cleaning company you want to hire a professional service that would get a deeper clean than you are able to manage or have time to do yourself. A company that knows the ins and outs of your duct systems. Here at A&J Duct Cleaning we are proud to state that this is something we pride ourselves on. Whether you need Heating/air duct cleaning, dryer vent cleaning, gutter cleaning kitchen exhaust cleaning this is what we do and we are only really happy when our clients are happy with the service they received! So when you are looking for a duct cleaning company with pride and heart we hope we will be the only call you need to make! Call or email today for your free quote. Offices in Northern and Southern California. Email to [email protected]

Dryer vent cleaning is a necessity

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Dryer vent cleaning. Not everyone thinks of this but it is a necessity. A dirty dryer vent can run up your power bill, extend drying times, and in some cases cause fires. Here at A&J Duct Cleaning we know the importance of keeping a clean dryer vent and deal with this type of cleaning daily. One call or email to one of our friendly professionals can you get you set up on a dryer cleaning appt. asap! We work with commercial and resedential/ property managment companies and laundromats So dont hesitate! Call or email today to let us get you running clean and free. Offices in Northern and southern California. Email for either office to [email protected]

Professional hood cleaning

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If you are a restaurant owner or owner of any site that has a kitchen hood it is a fact that you need to get your exhaust system cleaned out by a professional cleaning company on a quarterly or Semi annual basis. So when you need to get this done to keep up to code you want to make sure you get the best priced and a exceptionally good cleaning company out to your place of business to handle this on a regular basis.At A&J Duct Cleaning company we feel we are that company for you to get the job done. We have friendly techs who are ready to come out to your place of business and get your hood system cleaned out at your convenience and time. We are here local to you in the Los Angeles/ orange county area/ amd San Francisco Bay area and can provide most estimates over the phone or meet you in person if you would like. Call now and let us get you set up on your cleaning schedule today. Paperwork and inspection stickers left on hood at each service. Ask for [email protected] 323-282-0537for our L.A office or Jeff @ 707-655-0200 for our Bay area office.

Laundromat dryer cleaning

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Are you a laundromat owner or manager? If so are you aware that regular cleaning of your dryer vents on a semi annual basis will not only reduce the risk of fire damage but also cut down on your energy costs and at the same time create a happy clientele that will keep returning to your laundromat again and again year after year. Without all that lint clogging up your dryer lines you are running more efficiently and cutting down on longer drying times which run up energy bills and upset clients. Here at A&J Duct Cleaning we have some of the best dryer vent cleaners in the L.a. area as well as the San Francisco Bay Area. Dont let that cleaning get postponed in the hopes of saving money. Save money by getting your dryer vents cleaned out today. Give us a call now and lets get your free estimate started. Ask for [email protected] 323-828-0537or [email protected] 707-655-0200 for the Bay area office.

Gutter cleaning pros

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 A thought that may come to mind when you see the water spilling on to your porch or down the sides of your home or business is...How long has it been since I had my gutters cleaned and inspected? Chances are if your seeing the downpour on your front porch or the side of your home or business its been a long time.This is the type of cleaning that should be done on an annual basis. Here at A&J Duct Cleaning we have crews ready and equipped to get out to your home or business and get those gutter systems cleaned out ASAP! So if it seems its been a while since your last cleaning and inspection then give us a call today and let us help you get those gutters running free and clear before the winter season comes around. Ask for [email protected] 323-282-0537 or Jeff in the bay area @ 707-655-0200

Air duct cleaning

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Summers here! What does that mean? Swimming pools! Beaches! BBQ's! It also means air conditioning because boy does it get hot! If you havent done it already then you soon will turn on that ac system and watch out! It may be full of contaminates and dirt. After sitting with no flow over the winter that ducting system gets to be pretty dirty. Full of dust, germs, and other contaminates. It would be a good idea to have that system completely cleaned out and disinfected before using it all summer long. Here at A&J Duct Cleaning we have some of the most friendly and professional duct cleaners in the business. Proven and trusted individuals who have experience in both commercial and residential duct cleaning ready to get out to your home or business soon. So before firing up that ac system give us a call and let us get everything running clean and fresh for you all summer long! Call now and ask for [email protected] 323-282-0537 or Jeff in the Bay area @707-655-0200

Attention Property management companies

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Hello property management companies and property owners. It is a fact that at some point you will need to hire a duct cleaning company to handle such issues that arise in your tenants resident such as dryer vent cleaning, air duct cleaning, gutter cleaning and pretty much any type of duct cleaning needed before moving new tenants in. Also when you own investment properties, making sure you schedule regular maintenance can save you a lot of hassle from having to do costly emergency repairs. Here at A&J duct cleaning we have some of the best duct cleaners in the business. And a friendly office staff ready to handle all your calls and needs. We already work with several property management companies and building owners and feel we could be a good one stop shop for all your duct cleaning needs. So give us a call and lets get your properties duct cleaning needs taken care of for you today. Ask for [email protected] 323-282-0537 in the L.A. and surrounding areas or Jeff @ 707-655-0200 in the San Francisco Bay area.